M.A.D.E Group meetings

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All meetings are held on Microsoft teams during this time due to the government guidance regarding Covid-19. 

Please Sam on the detail below to get involved or to find out more.



MADE Hoodies are in!!!

So pleased to announce that the MADE Hoodies are in.  I’m just arranging postage and you will soon have yours if you have given me your size and detail as a MADE member.  When everything is back to ‘normality’ and we are able to carry on with the plans we have for the group we have lots of lovely things planned. 


If you want to know what the MADE group chat about or are interested in take a look below:

Some of the areas both groups are talking about the moment are:

Improving activities and time with friends and family

Improving bullying support in schools as well as keeping the projects that the Virtual school offer

Improving emotional support that is on offer to help children to be happier , so they can live their life, grow and achieve as well as have fun.

Improving the membership offer

Peer support for children who are new in to care.


       Please click here for more information on MADE




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