What is Care?

There are many reasons why a child or young person may be in care.  There is , but not always, a very long period of time where social services  (Children’s social care) have been involved in some way to make sure children are safe, happy and well cared for.  We are here to make sure children and young people known to us are safe and have an equal opportunity to grow, develop and be happy in the way that they deserve to. 

Some children feel like they are comfortable telling others that they are in care and others don’t.  So if you are in care, its completely up to you, who you tell and who you don’t. 

Sesame streets Karli explains to younger children what being in Foster care is like…



Some children who attend the MADE group (Making a difference everywhere) have shared some comments for you to help explain what being in care is like for them:


“Care is where other people look after you to make sure bad things don’t happen to you”

“I don’t feel like im in care, I still live with my Dad”

”Care is when you live with someone else but it is better for you at that time and you have more people in your life to look after you.”

So why do I have a Social worker? 

Every child or young person who is in care has a social worker and you will too.  There are also lots of people who are there for you too to make sure you have enough support, such as adults from the health service, your reviewing officer, and your participation officer.

If you want to meet any other young people who are in care and get involved in some of the activities then have a look at the activities and events tab on the home page and see what’s coming up in the calendar.



Care leavers in Lancashire film a message to their younger selves

In Lancashire a group of Care leavers decided to film their responses to the question…  ‘If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?’ Take a look.  If you are a Care leaver and you would like to be supported to do something similar please contact Your Participation officer Sam or Personal advisor from the Care Leavers team.

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