I want to say……

A lot of the time we think about the things we want to improve about care so we wanted to share some of the positive things that children have told us as well.

“I love my life now, I wish I was in care like, 5 years ago”

(Female aged 15 years old)

“I’m glad i’m in care, I like where I live now”

(Young Male aged 9)


Do you have something to share?

If you have something you want to share think about sharing this with your Carer or Social Worker or you can contact someone who can help out with this, or to help deliver your message. Another option is to contact M.A.D.E. by coming along to one of their meetings or by emailing MADE@knowsley.gov.uk. 

Sam McIver is your participation officer,  if you would like to share your good news/positive experience of being in care or if you would like to discuss this contact Sam on 0151-443-4021 or email Samantha.mciver@knowsley.gov.uk.


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