Young Person’s Team

leaving-care-guideKnowsley Young Persons Team consist of both Social Workers and Personal Advisors as well as an Employability Officer who support the service needs.  The Social workers within the team work with young people who are Looked After from the age of 14-18 years old.  Personal Advisors work with young people/Care leavers aged 18-21, sometimes older this depends on everyone’s individual circumstances.

Please take a look at the leaving-care-booklet to see what the team can offer you in terms of support, advice, assistance and guidance.


What Are Personal Advisors?

Personal Advisors support young people with their transition in to adulthood, this support consists of:

  • Regular visits to young people

  • listening and acting upon views and wishes

  • Support with personal needs

  • Practical support such as setting up home

  • Emotional support through signposting services available

  • Guidance with financial matters etc.

  • Working with partnering agencies

The Team are based in Nutgrove Villa in Huyton centre and you can contact them by calling 0151-443-5705


Care leavers entitlements information







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