Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Team (IRO’s)

Here in Knowsley we have a team called Safeguarding and Quality Assurance.  The main role of the team is to ensure that supporting services and adults involved in children and young peoples lives are doing what they can to keep children safe, well cared for and happy.  There are lots of groups, meetings and actions that the team facilitate and take part in to make sure they can do their job, this includes Safeguarding partnership board, Independent reviews for Children in care and Care leavers, Child protection conferences, MADE Children in Care council meetings and much more more.

The unit provides the following services

  • Knowsley Childrens Safeguarding Partnership

  • Conference and reviewing service

  • Participation and Engagement facilitation, guidance and support


Meet the some of the staff members across the unit:

QAU Amy Wilding
QAU Debbie Cashman
Jo Sherridan
QAU Wendy Simon
QAU Lyndsey Heaton
QAU Lisa Carroll




















See if you can recognise your reviewing officer above?

The Independent reviewing officers role is to make sure that everything is happening as it should to make sure you are getting the best possible care that is suited to you as an individual.  They do this by listening to your views and wishes and by working closely with the adults involved in your life.  Their job is to making sure people are doing what needs to be done in the right time, in the right way, and in consideration of your views and overall health and happiness.

What do Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) do?

  • They work independently from your Social Worker and their managers

  • Chair (Lead) your ‘Looked After Review’ meetings (If you don’t want to do this yourself)

  • Make sure that you have a Care Plan that is suited to YOUR personal needs

  • Ensure that you have your say in your review meetings (by encouraging your involvement and accessing a NYAS advocate if needed)

  • Make sure people do what they actually say they will.  (This is something IRO’s do before and after meetings to make sure you are being supported and cared for.)

Did you know???

If you want to you can chair/host/lead/manage your own review?

We want for everyone to feel confident sharing their views so make sure you have an advocate from NYAS if you need one at your review.  We also encourage you to tell us who you want at your review, and what is best for you.  For example, some children prefer their meetings really relaxed and chilled and don’t like sitting in the whole meeting, so they just come to the first or last bit?  others like to lead their own meeting, and set a list of things to talk about (stuff that matters to them).  If you have any ideas on how you want your review meeting to be, contact your reviewing officer and chat to them about this.  There are lots of ways you can make your meeting right for you.

Ketso tool
A relaxed meeting

The guide book for Reviewing officers is accessible here: IRO Handbook


Some detail you may be interested in?

Every year, the Independent Reviewing team write a report to tell people of all the work they have been doing, what is going well and what things need to happen to make things better. We want young people to know what is happening, so we have written a young person version which we hope you will all read. (Please see below and click on the link )

Annual report 2019: SQAU Annual Report YP 2018-2019

Annual Report 2018: SQAU Annual Report YP 2017-2018

Annual Report 2017: SQAU Annual Report YP 2016-2017

Annual Report 2016: SQAU Annual Report YP 2015-2016


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