Corporate Parenting Board

The Corporate Parenting Board (CPB for short) is a team made up of around 15 people that all have a say and some power to do things for Children and young people who are in care. They are very interested in hearing what Children and young people in care think st make sure they are making the best possible decisions about the care and support you receive.

MADE have many young people from their group who attend the meeting, and ‘take over’ the first half of the CPB.  If you want to share your views about the service to the board/group please contact MADE on or contact us on 0151-443-4021/ facebook MADEKnowsley

For example, the corporate parenting board have recently been looking in to how they can support this website as well as how they can make the Celebration of achievement event in October bigger and better every year.

Last year MADE and Care leavers forum delivered five different presentations to their Corporate parents in the board.  This helped to make positive changes and to retain the services that are working well. 

The changes included:

  • The introduction of a new emotional health and wellbeing service for children looked after

  • The recruitment of more foster carers

  • MADE getting involved in shaping the future of youth services available for children across Knowsley post 2020.

  • An increase from £1500-£200 for Care leavers setting up home allowance

  • A change to the planning, design and delivery of health services for vulnerable children (Knowsley CCG and commissioning services)

  • The promotion of the online virtual memory box called My memories, where children can store their precious memories.

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