Covid -19 (Creative work during the lockdown)

Creative work from Children and young people

Its lovely to see that there are children who are using this time to be creative and also to consider ways to express their feelings by writing them down or drawing them.  Please view below a variety of creative drawings and written work from our Children and young people.


Some creative drawings and artwork










View some links below for some fun ways to improve drawing skills and take part in some arts and crafts with links to online tutorials.


Some of the children we have chatted to have been having strange and really realistic dreams during lockdown.  MADE Junior will be making some dream catchers to help with their own dreams.  Try make one yourself (remember to ask an adult or someone over 18 caring for you for help )

Some fun activities to take part in during lockdown.

Please take a look to access activities and competitions on offer during lockdown.  The activities will be in date order and will have an expiry on so please take a look at the small print.

The chatter pack link will give you access to lots of visual films, activities and resources to keep you busy.  This site brings together lots of resources suitable for a wide range of learning needs and preferences


An amazing Poem called ‘Lockdown’ that someone has shared:





Imprisoned….feeling trapped indoors

As the depressing days drag by praying we fight these wars.


Dont touch,

Dont go out,

Dont be close,

Wash your hands

Wash your hands

Wash Your Hands!

Anger boiling up inside.  Feelings that I cannot hide.

Adrenaline rush which cannot sleep

I scream, I punch, I hate… I weep

crying for those who are ill.

Don’t venture out….It will kill 

Come down.

Drooping disappointment.

On hold….my life on hold.  

Melancholically floating in the doldrums,

listlessly reflecting  on the loneliness and sorrow  

                                                           waiting for the end.                                                          

                                                                                                         Will normality return tomorrow ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What day is it anyway?

Batteries are running low

I squirrel up inside my bed,

There’s no charge.


I’m hibernating

Life will come again



Thank you for offering this amazing Poem for our website


Make sure to look up a trusted site.  Don’t google it.

kNOWSLEY NEWSKnowsley News

If you are worried or concerned about the Coronavirus or feel you need a little more information please visit for further information.

NHS Guidance

Please also try not to take notice of things on social media at the moment.  If you want advice you can visit the NHS site don’t google as you may receive information that is not valid and it may be untrue.

Click on the link for a child’s explanation of what the virus is Covid-19 kids workbook

Take care for now and keep in touch.


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