Friends and Family Time (spending time with people who you care about)

Guidance for us all

We all want for you to be happy and safe especially now during this time of lockdown. We are all aware that there is a much greater need to follow the social distancing rules wherever you are and whoever you are with.   We want to make sure we have a clear message of guidance available to everyone so please view the clip below.


Here is a bit more detail about why we ALL have to follow the social distancing rules above.


If you want to talk to someone about this or if you want to find out more information please speak to the adult caring for you, your social worker, family support worker or access online guidance on the trusted sites listed here.

Some children who may be looking at this website now have been in Care or had a Social worker for a while but there are others that might want to find out some information about what to expect.  If you want to know a little more or want to join in to one of our MADE group chats or want more information about being in Care or having a Social worker please access the link here.


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