Virtual School

Knowsley Virtual School for Looked After Children (You may also know this team as the Education Support Team/ EST)

The Virtual School takes an interest in how well you are doing in school. It is like a ‘safety-net’ around all school age CLA. There is no school building – so it is ‘virtual’.  Your own school works hard to support you and it shares information to let us know whether you are making progress or not and whether you are attending regularly.  If we are worried about your progress or attendance we will talk to the designated teacher for CLA in your school to see if you need further support.

We also look at how the Pupil Premium Funding for CLA is being spent in your school and where possible view Personal Education Plans to make sure they are helping you to achieve your targets.

The Virtual School has a governing body and it reports into the Corporate Parenting Board.

The school consists of the Headteacher and the Education Support Team:

Alex Roper (Headteacher of Knowsley Virtual School)


Do you need any support with School

If you are having difficulties at school that are stopping you from enjoying your learning, the Education Support Team can offer you help and support.  Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Help with exams and studying

  • Providing materials and study support

  • Changing schools

  • School attendance

  • Rewarding your achievement

  • Problems inside / outside school

  • Working with the key people in your life

  • Your personal education plan (PEP)

Admin – 0151 443 3228



Please click below to open the young persons section of the PEP.  You can use this whilst completing your survey.

Young Persons section of the PEP 2021




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